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Last updated December 2, 2022

COVID-19 protocols in effect: 该大学于2022年10月17日发布了关于更新COVID-19屏蔽措施的消息. Read the full message or scroll down to review our archived messages about COVID-19.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world, including at the University of Prince Edward Island. Although COVID-19 has changed aspects of how we teach and learn, UPEI remains committed to providing high quality education, as well as access to engaging and rewarding learning experiences, in a safe and responsible manner. 我们将继续监测不断变化的公共卫生状况,并将我们的校园运营基于PEI首席公共卫生办公室(PEI- cpho)的指导,以确保2022-2023学年的成功交付.

UPEI继续监测不断变化的公共卫生状况,并根据PEI首席公共卫生办公室的指导建立我们的校园运营. 一旦这些网页可用,我们将发布更新,并通过电子邮件直接与校园社区成员沟通任何变化. 

While many aspects of our lives have returned to pre-pandemic normal, COVID-19 remains very prevalent on PEI, and the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff remains our top priority.

大学将继续尽早向UPEI社区通报与COVID-19相关的风险和健康以及PEI-CPHO指南. 我们还将继续以谨慎和基于科学的方法制定政策和业务变化,随着COVID-19疫情的发展和我们独特的大学环境的需要,对我们的协议进行必要的调整.

COVID-19 Protocols in effect for the 2022 Fall Academic Semester


Until further notice, masks continue to be required in 

  • all instructional spaces such as classrooms, laboratories, studios, lecture theatres, 以及表演艺术空间,除非你能与他们保持2米/ 6英尺的物理距离.
  • 具体的临床领域,如UPEI健康和保健中心和AVC兽医教学医院.


All masks are helpful, but you are encouraged to wear the highest quality, properly fitting mask you can source. Please refer to the Government of PEI’s Wearing Masks in the Community and Workplaces for more information.

In addition to masking, 我们请你们继续通过以下方式防止COVID-19和其他呼吸道疾病的传播

  • getting fully vaccinated and/or your booster shots when eligible
    Vaccination is an important way to prevent serious illness, but vaccines become less effective over time, 所以重要的是保持你的疫苗是最新的,以帮助保护你和其他人. You are strongly encouraged to become fully vaccinated, including obtaining your booster shots, when eligible and where possible. Visit the Government of PEI’s COVID-19 vaccine web page to learn about expanded options to get vaccinated and booster doses. (请注意:所有18岁以上前往加拿大旅行的国际学生都需要接种全面疫苗 Government of Canada page for more information.)
  • employing good hand hygiene
    Washing your hands often, especially after touching your face, blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, 使用洗手间或在公共场所接触经常接触的物体表面, remains a great defence in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 打喷嚏或咳嗽时,捂住口鼻,并洗手.
  • staying home if you feel sick, and get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms
    If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. Follow the PEI-CPHO’s guidance and use their online assessment tool to determine whether you need a PCR or rapid test.

    While the PEI-CPHO ended the mandatory isolation requirement 2022年11月30日,UPEI仍然要求如果你检测呈阳性并且感觉不舒服,你可以呆在家里. 你应该呆在家里,直到以下所有症状都适用于你:你的症状已经改善了至少24小时(或如果你有恶心48小时), vomiting and/or diarrhea); you do not have a fever; you do not develop any additional symptoms. 

    Students who are ill and require academic accommodations for missed classes, assignments, midterms, or tests are to contact their instructors. Rapid testing kits are available at the Residence Services desk in Bill and Denise Andrew Hall for residence students; UPEI Health and Wellness Centre from 8:30 am–12 noon and 1–4 pm, Monday to Friday; and Panther Central desk at the UPEI Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre during operating hours.
  • keeping up to date with the latest information from the PEI-CPHO and UPEI
    UPEI will update the campus community via email and at as information becomes available; however, 关于COVID-19疫情和PEI措施的最新信息的最佳来源是 provincial COVID-19 website.


University updates and messages

我们积极与PEI首席公共卫生办公室和其他网络合作,使UPEI社区随时了解与COVID-19相关的风险以及健康和安全指导. UPEI began communicating to students, staff, and faculty about COVID-19 in January 2020, sharing appropriate information from official government sources. 给校园社区的信息通过电子邮件分发,并张贴到上佩.ca website (see below).

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